I haven’t looked at GW2 for a long time (years??) so while I was uninstalling some stuff I never use, there it was.  I didn’t even remember installing it on this computer.

So after a very large and long update download, I was at the character screen trying to remember anything about the game.

I do have a very vivid memory of one of my characters dying numerous times until I ran out of “rez” money (yeah, pay for rez…) because I wandered into a higher level zone and was insta-killed over and over.

I think that’s when I quit playing.

I had three characters – the highest level one was level 20, followed by a level 12 and a level 5.

It was the level 20 that made me /ragequit and I assume she’s still dead and out of rez money, so I went for the level 5 because it was one of the cat people (forget what they’re called.)

I ran around for a while until I found a teleporter and teleported somewhere.  I have no idea where but there was a lot of snow around.

I was standing there deciding which way to go when suddenly I’m dead.

I was killed by a bat.

A flipping bat.

That was my first clue that maybe I was not in a place appropriate for a level 5.

I forgot where the exit portal was so I wandered around until I was killed by a bunny.

Yup, more rez money…

An NPC I talked to tried to give me a quest but I got a red message that it was a level 35 quest.

I thought “how hard can it be” and yeah, that was pretty stupid lol.

Insta-dead but fortunately there was another player on the same quest (level 36 or something) and she rezzed me.

I swear all I did was turn around and I was dead again.

She rezzed me again so I thanked her and said I was trying to get out here.

“Use the teleporter”

“Ummm….what teleporter?”

“The ones on your map…..”

I haven’t felt this nooby in a long time!

While I was looking at the map to find a teleporter, I was killed again.  She rezzed me again so I said “I think I’m just going to log off.”

She laughed and said “good luck.”

I managed to teleport back to a city without dying again, then logged off.

Maybe I’ll try again in another 5 years…

Update:  I should read my own posts lol.  Apparently it was my level 5 that ran out of rez money.  You’d think after 5 years I would have learned something…