In an astonishing upset for the first day of Beta testing, I noticed a new line on my WoW  BfA Beta!

I almost missed it (it took me a minute to realize what it was) so I started the 50+gig download gleefully knowing I had an entire free evening to test out the new stuff!

Six hours later…

Yes, it took 6 hours to download with my super-duper fiber-optic-best-we-can-get-internet that I recently signed up for a few months ago.

I was getting a blazing download speed bouncing from 450kb/s all the way up to a massive 4mb/s (averaging about 2mb/s.)

Only in Canada, eh?

Anyway, it was installed and playable about 11:00 pm so that didn’t give me much time to do anything except the starting scenario.

I created a VE Monk for testing.  I almost tried a Warlock but I thought I better have a character who has the survival of a tank and can self-heal.


Starting the Scenario

Starting the Scenario

Scenario: the Big Battle

Scenario: the Big Battle

Yeah, Dead again...

Yeah, Dead again…

Yes, I died a few times but ummm….I was actually beta testing the graveyard…yeah, that’s it! Beta Testing the Graveyard!  Seems to be functioning as expected… 😀

So much for my VE Monk theory.

We’ll see if I do better tonight…