After a long, slow, painful, boring day of leveling, I finally squeaked into level 59 on my LF Paladin then raced to Stormwind for the Trial of Style.

Sure enough, I had a lot more transmog options available (not everything) and won First Place my first try.

Tabard Time!

Tabard Time!

Now my LF Paladin has a “Fashionable Undershirt” so once again, all is right in the world of Azeroth.

I can finally get some sleep lol.

I was going write a long rant about the “new” leveling and how much worse it is with a Paladin, but I think that would be a 20-30 part series.

In fact I was so busy banging my head on keyboard (cast spell, wait-wait-wait, cast next spell, wait-wait-wait, dead) I completely forget to get my “faster” riding.

Oh well.

I think I’m going to bench this one until the DMF comes around next month.

At least I got her a nice Fashionable Undershirt to wear 😀