So my favorite WoW activity is back – the Trial of Style!

I made it my “mission” to get every character (even the ones I don’t play much) the Fashionable Undershirt you can only buy when you have the “First Place” buff.

I got it for the characters I forgot about the last time (even my Mage!) and my new VE Monk, NB Warlock and my brand new VE Warlock!

Yes, I broke down and made a lovely VE Warlock – don’t judge me!

The character I can’t win on at all is my poor Lightborne Paladin.

She just doesn’t have enough access to transmogable plate at her level.  She’s level 50 at the moment and apparently the next transmog gear level range opens up at level 58 but still doesn’t give you access to your entire “plate” collection.

I didn’t have this much trouble with my clothie Warlocks – one is about level 43 and my new VE Warlock was level 23 when she hit the catwalk.

Yes, I got First Place with this stunner

Yes, I got First Place with this stunner

Plenty of cloth options to choose from – 4 pages of hats alone – but plate?  Not even a full page of anything except cloaks.

I just can’t compete.

So…I’ll have to grind my way to level 58 as fast as I can (which is about as fast as a drunk turtle after the patch) while the DMF is in town and hope I’ll have enough plate selection to win one before the Trial of Style is over.

Raiding was never this stressful.

I know what you’re thinking – “LOL Do you really need to go through all this stress and drama for a Fashionable Undershirt?”

Why yes, yes I do.

It’s become a flipping obsession to get that Paladin her Fashionable Undershirt.

I can’t even open the prize boxes anymore because I’ve got the maximum 200 tokens.  I have six or seven boxes to open so yes…I’ve been trying a lot lol.

The best I’ve done is 2 Seconds, 2 Thirds and the rest are all Consolation prizes.

I’ve already purchased all the new sets so all I have left to spend tokens on are the ToS toys you can use during the scenario.

Oh well.

At least I’ll have plenty of tokens for the next round if they come out with new sets.

See you on the runway!