My Nightborne Warlock “Mysticat.”  (Ha Ha got a name I could put “cat” at the end :D)

Warlock #2

Warlock #2

Look at that crazy transmog!

An “updated” version of the infamous “DMF Clown Outfit.”

Purple for Warlock and Green for Green Fire – get it? HAHA!

Note the incredibly ugly “Replica Staff of Gul’dan” transmogged staff.

I’ve had no use for the staff since we got it for the movie perk as my highest level Horde is a priest and well…that staff just doesn’t scream “Priest.”  Maybe Shadow but that’s a stretch.

Warlock, on the other had…

Of course I will eventually have to do the whole Kanrethad Green Fire thing again if I want Green Fire on this Warlock (of course I do!) but this time I’ll wait til I’m at least 100 and can one-shot it.

Notice that I still seem to always pick the “cranky” face.

I think I got her to level 23 or 25 before I spent an hour getting lost in some burrow for a quest and never did find the quest guy – /ragequit.

Oh well.

I’m going to wait until the DMF again for the experience boosts and try to get her to at least level 100 before it’s over.

Levels 100-110 seem to go fairly fast but the 60-90 slog is really painful.

I was really tempted to make a Monk but that would be three I don’t play.  I only have one Warlock so one Alli and one Horde seems “balanced.”

Now if only I could remember I’m Horde and quit running into Alliance camps…