I had all the rep requirements on my Alliance “main” DH and more than a few 110 level characters so unlocking Alliance Allied Races was easy.

Do a couple of quests and a scenario and you’re good to go.

I did Void Elf and Lightforged Draenei and the quests for the achievements were easy – on my 930 ilvl DH.

Over to the Horde…

I had to level my pretty BE DH from 100-110 to do the quests/scenario requirements.

I actually got to 110 faster than I expected – fully upgraded 110 heirlooms and a couple of experience missions and it only took two zones and a couple of quests in the third zone to hit 110.

Non-Pro Tip #1 – you gotta do the quests/scenario to unlock the Allied Races.

As soon as I got to 110 I tried to create a Nightborne and yes, I forgot about the quests/scenario and wondered why it kept telling me I needed the achievement.


Non-Pro Tip #2 – it might not be the smartest idea to run a fresh quest/heirloom-geared character into the scenarios.

My DH was ilvl 782 and died about 3 times in the Nightborne scenario.  I think even the NPCs couldn’t believe it either and just killed the “boss” for me.

Lightborne Manasaber

Lightborne Manasaber

This was nothing compared with the Highmountain scenario – I died about 5 times doing that one – and that was just the third quest where you have to kill the guy who pats around in a circle (“Dark Forces.”)

Non-Pro Tip #3 – it might be prudent to check out where the graveyard is and how to get back to the quest area before dying.

It didn’t help that I don’t play Horde very much and have been to Thunder Bluff even less, so every graveyard run was an extra “adventure” trying to find my body.

Don’t expect Baine Bloodhoof to help you either – he just stands around waiting for you to do it.  That big weapon he carries is apparently only ceremonial.

Highmountain Thunderhoof

Highmountain Thunderhoof

Eventually I got it all done so the agonizing question now is:  what should I name my Nightborne and what class should I be?

I’m thinking Monk again just for the ease of leveling.  I already know Priest will be too squishy (yeah the new Shadow is blah), Warlock is looking good and my buddy made a Nightborne Rogue that sounds very fun.

I also need a name I can put “cat” at the end and all my ideas have been taken.

What to do, what to do…