Okay, so I’m a little slow….

I’ve seen the ghost moose mount around town but never looked up what it was or where it was from.

I was browsing the forums (yeah, I know lol) and someone had a post about how the Archaeology quest for the moose was up.

I checked on my VE Monk and nothing, but when I logged on my DH what do you know?  It’s been there but since I haven’t bothered with Archaeology much this expansion I ignored it – until today.

I got the quest then spent a couple of hours digging up the “bones” and got my mount!

Spirit of Eche'ro

Spirit of Eche’ro

I’ve also been logging on my DK once in a while to hit the Unholy artifact spell every minute until I get bored just in case the ghoul that drops the book that starts the hidden appearance token shows up.

Today I got it, so I ran to ICC, found the trap door, killed a bunch of ghouls then killed Stitchwork who drops The Bonereaper’s Hook.

Lost Journal

Lost Journal

I still haven’t snagged the Blood artifact look that drops from the chest you get after the Withered Training scenario but hey I got two out of three.

One less RNG thing to worry about

One less RNG thing to worry about

I’ve sort of run out of stuff to do until the DMF rolls around again.  I’ve got my Lightforged Paladin and Horde DH waiting to be leveled but I don’t feel like going through all that again with at least some experience bonuses lol.

I farmed up enough coins to get one of the flower crowns only to find out we can only transmog them during the Lunar Festival – boo!

I got the baby Hippogryph and 5-day feather on my VE Monk but again, it’s only temporary which is okay for a mini-event but definitely kills motivation to do it on more than one character.

At least the Trial of Style is coming up soon!  Until then, I guess I could also do something exciting like housework or clean litter boxes…