Got my Void Elf to level 110!

Like I need another Monk lol

Like I need another Monk lol

I dropped everything and ran to SW to get my Heritage armor (the quest popped up unlike the Legion quest.)

It's purple!

It’s purple!

I ran through a few quests to get to Argus and promptly died 2 or 3 times at one of the “starter” quests so things are back to normal!

I was able to outfit my new Monk with the 880 gear but I still have some quest gear so Argus is currently Death on a Stick until I get more appropriate level gear.

That won’t be easy because most of the rewards I’ve been getting are artifact power.  I’m still missing a few relic slots in specs because I didn’t get enough relics as quest rewards.

My ilvl might be a tad low for Argus.

Remember the quest Bringing the Big Guns?

I died about 4 times with that one.  I had to go Brewmaster and still died twice before I got it.


This is going to be fun if one enjoys huge repair bills…

Anyway, after I /ragequit my Monk for the night, I decided to create a Lightforged Paladin because I’m sure no one has made a Lightforged Paladin yet.

So there I am back in Duskwood…again…with 5,000 Lightforged Paladins.

I got to about level 27 but I think I’ll hold off until the DMF comes around.  Without that extra experience boost it’s really slow.

Oh, and just for the record…my baby Paladin died twice when I went in the wrong crypt for a quest and got overrun by ghouls.

Yes, I went in twice looking for the quest mob that was on the surface.

And I died using the Bubble.

Paladin might not have been the smartest choice for me…