Okay…so I’ve been leveling my Void Elf Monk from level 20 “the hard way” to get the heritage armor.

This means I (and everyone else) gets to experience the new zone scaling with increased (scaled I presume) mob health.


I have to say I’d give it a “mixed” review.  If you’re like me and already have leveled a stable full of alts “the hard way” before heirlooms, DMF and other experience boosts well…we’ve “been there, done that.”

I really don’t need to “relive” that slow, painful death-filled experience again.

Nope, don’t need it.

I decked out my baby Void Elf Monk in full heirlooms (including an heirloom necklace I picked up somewhere) and went straight to Darkshire.

Leveling wasn’t too bad – I was getting experience at a fairly steady pace although the reduction to experience was obvious.  When I grabbed the DMF buff/hats things went a bit faster, but that was “slowed down” because comparatively speaking, it took *forever* to kill all but the lowest level mobs.

By the time I could get to Outland, I skipped it in favor of Northrend.  That was a definite “plus” for me as I never liked Outland.  Skipping it was a huge “bonus” in my opinion.  If you don’t remember why, I’ve got two words for you:  Naga claws.

Northrend was 50/50 as far as good/bad goes for leveling.  Some quest mobs I could kill faster than others, some killed me when I shouldn’t have had my health reduced by half by one mob hit.

Level 70

Level 70

Yes, I remember the “good old days” before Cataclysm leveling up in Northrend.

I was a poster toon for “noob” and didn’t know what I was doing.  I was every player’s nightmare – the Night Elf Hunter that stacked intellect cloth because I thought it would make me “smarter” and I was saving all my silver to buy that sweet “white” vendor bow.

And even that didn’t have mobs one- or two-shotting me.  Yes, I do remember.

I also remember what quests to avoid (I’m looking at YOU crypt quests!), the buggy (pun intended) vehicle quests, and the dailies that took forever.

By the time I was getting close to level 80, things took a nose dive.

You know those quest chains that have a mini-boss you have to kill at the end?

It was almost impossible for me to kill them.  I had to blow all my CDs and even then it wasn’t surprising to die 2 or 3 times before I got them.

This carried on through Pandaria – regular quest mobs weren’t a problem, mini quest bosses a flipping over-tuned nightmare.

Level 90

Level 90

I should note I didn’t run any dungeons.  That might have made things go a bit faster, but considering I had trouble with a quest “boss” I figured it would just be a wipe-fest in a dungeon.

The only “good” part of this whole scaled leveling thing is you can pick and choose what you want to do and most importantly, NOT do.

I suppose if one wants to feel “nostalgic” this is probably the type of leveling experience you would enjoy but as for me – well, I’ve had my fill of it and would prefer to get through it ASAP and get to the “fun” stuff.

I did make it to the Broken Isles at level 99 (yeah, I forgot I could go at 98 but I had to log in and out for the quest to pop) and got my artifact weapon.

Fists of the Heavens


I also spent about a gazillion gold upgrading my heirlooms to level 110 only to find that they don’t level as “fast” as you do.

I was trading my heirlooms for Azsuna quest greens as they were about 100 ilvls below – about level 500+ when quest greens were 650+.

Yup, just what you want – taking on Legion mobs with 500 ilvl gear.   Death on a stick lol.  At least my artifact weapons were about 725.

Eventually my heirlooms “caught up” so I’m wearing them again.

I’m up to level 101 so we’ll see how long it takes to get to 110…this time…