Yes, I too got caught up in the BfA purchase kerfluffle but fortunately I wasn’t charged a gazillion time like some poor buyers.

I had one charge “queued” for about 3 hours before it apparently timed out and disappeared.

It never made it to my card, so about 11 pm there was a blue post that transactions seemed to be going through so I tried again and this time it worked.

Of course it was too late to do much but I did run through the quests/scenarios to unlock the Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves.

Void Elf first…I got her to level 30 (full heirlooms) so only 80 more levels to go!

Void Elf secretly Blood Elf

Void Elf secretly Blood Elf

Technically because they look suspiciously like Blood Elves, I’ll never have to play Horde again lol.

As you can see I still always pick the Blood Elf “Cranky Face” but she’s got the glowly hair so there ya go.

I still got some “work” to do on a few other characters, but I might just push my new Void Elf through levels until I get sick of it – probably around level 70.

Class was a tough choice.  Void Elves scream “Warlock” but I’ve got one maxed out already.  I picked Monk for the Tank, Heals and DPS to cover just about everything to level up faster.  I already have a maxed out Monk but class choices are dismal at best.

I can always race change my Warlock later on if I really feel I need a Void Elf Warlock I suppose.

If you got the pre-order I hope you didn’t get caught up in the payment fiasco!