One last Drakbrul Arena…

One last quest item for the Warlock mount…

The Warlock mount quest required an item from the last boss in an Invasion.  You know, do the 4 WQ, do some other stuff and do the scenario.

Well, the quest item dropped from the boss in the scenario so…

Of course not one Invasion was up and no Drakbrul Arena.

I checked around and found a sort of “timetable” when both should be popping up.  A random Invasion was set to pop around 1:30 am, and the PvP WQ (possibly not Drakbrul) would be changing around when the Invasion was up.

Still an Idiot, I waited until 1:00 am then realized the times were EST – two hours behind me.  I’d have to wait until 3:30 am.

Yes, I’m still an Idiot.

So I went to bed thinking I’d get up at my “usual” work day time and see if anything was up.

I got up early, put on a huge pot of coffee (Van Houtte Belgium Chocolate – yum!) fired up the computer and sure enough – there was Drakbrul Arena and an Invasion.

I completed the Drakbrul WQ with my Rift stone and got the achievement with the Prestigious War Steed.

Eat my shorts PvP!

Eat my shorts PvP!

I didn’t even take time to look at it – I logged onto my Warlock and ran that Invasion, got the quest item and finished up the Warlock mount.

You eat my shorts too, HH Mount!

You eat my shorts too, HH Mount!

Now that I had the mounts, I thought I might as well keep slogging my Warlock through the Argus campaign.

But before I went, I logged onto my Monk so she could make some of those Stonehide Bardings to keep from getting knocked off my mount.

She didn’t have enough leather but my Druid did, so log onto the Druid to get the leather and as she was running to the bank she passed a mailbox and…

There was a Lost Mail.

I grabbed it, put everything on hold and did the quest chain until I got to the mini-game that rewards a title and a PET.

To get the title and Mailemental Pet you have to “sort” mail by clicking on the continent when a location appears – you have to do 30 in 60 seconds.

Easier said than done – I realized I didn’t know hardly any of the Outland and Kalimdor locations.  Mostly Horde locations but since I don’t play Horde much that isn’t surprising.

So…how many attempts did it take me before I finally got it?  Don’t ask…

Eventually I did get it (I actually got 32 or 34 in 60 seconds) and got the title and PET.

It's holding a letter!

It’s holding a letter!

With my new title (it’s account bound now – yay!) and Pet, I logged back on my DH to see my shiny new PVP mount.

I almost felt a little guilty having a PvP mount without, you know, actually doing much PVP until I thought about how many times I’ve been ganked, killed when I accidentally flagged myself or all those times some Horde would be killing the quest giver in lowbie zones so I couldn’t turn in a quest.

I wish it had a big sign that said “I got this mount without PvPing” instead of the Alliance flag but I still giggle every time I ride on it.

Not only does the “early bird” get a couple of mounts, but a title and pet too!