So…after Winning World of Warcraft by getting Invincible, I’ve been doing some alt clean-up including banks.

Wow are my banks a mess!

But it’s something to do in between playing “catch up” with my Monk, Druid and cute little Panda Priest.

My Druid and Monk are now finished the latest Legion campaign so are just hanging around until I think of something for them to do.

My Priest is still working on the Class Hall campaign and I’m getting near the end of it.

Part of it involved going to the Paladin Class Hall to beg them to help defend us (really? have Priests been nerfed so much we need Paladins to save us?) so while I was there I took a look around and thought it would be fun to give a sermon.

After all, I am a Priest so…

A Fire and Brimstone Sermon in the Paladin Class Hall!

A Fire and Brimstone Sermon in the Paladin Class Hall!

It was epic if I do say so myself!

And errr….I may or may not have “borrowed” a couple of candlesticks and other stuff that was lying around…

What I noticed while leveling my Priest is still true at max level – Disc blows Shadow out of the water for quests and dailies.

With Disc I can cast fairly quickly and take on multiple mobs, a rare or elite or two and everything dies while I barely lose any health.

Shadow, on the other hand, casts slower than molasses, has a such a long “build up” time that I can lose half my health while waiting to switch into void form.

Now we all know I’m not the best Priest around regardless of spec, but for running around Argus Disc beats Shadow hands down any time.

I had to switch to Shadow for dungeons because I didn’t want to go as a healer and oh boy…by the time I ramped up everything was dead and everyone was on to the next pack or boss.

Maybe I’ll actually try Disc healing again one of these days…

I’ve also been sort of-kind-of working on a few professions.  I’m finally running those dungeon quests and everyone is so over-geared for them now we get through them at lightening speed.

Of course none of that helps if you forget to snag the quest item while in the dungeon and get to run it over again…

So far I’ve got my Blingtron 6000, Transmute: Meat to Pets (but no reagents yet), maxed out Fishing, Herbalism, Skinning and Cooking across various toons and even snagged a few level 3 recipes.

My DH is doing the Anglers dailies for rep so she can ride a raft, WQ dailies for gold and gear drops for my alts.

I still need to catch up my Rogue and Warlock.  I’m not sure which character will be my “best” character for Battle for Azeroth.

Characters I’ve found particularly fun this expansion (compared with not so much fun previous expansions) are my Rogue, Monk and of course my DH!

I don’t think I will ever be able to pick a main and stick with it lol.