If nothing else, it’s well named.

I had a block of time to kill so I grabbed some paper and a pencil ready to attempt the maze.

First I had to finish up the starter clues which took me much, much longer than I expected.

It involves running a few old raids/dungeons and let’s just say I got lost in one for a long time…

Anyway, I spent about 5 hours in the maze trying to carefully map out where I was going thinking I was being very clever with my map symbols.

I found all the orbs and runes, got 3/5 turned in, then I hit a spot on my map I couldn’t figure out what the heck my symbols meant.

Yes, I out-smarted myself.

While I was trying to read my map mess I got disconnected.

I was able to log back in and I was still in the maze, but it didn’t seem the same place as I left and I didn’t know where I was with my crappy map.

I decided instead of spending another 5 hours remapping everything I’d start fresh the next day.

This time I played it smart and got the Lucid Nightmare Helper addon.  If you’re going to try this, get the addon.  It makes life much easier!

I could tell from the addon map where I had been running in circles and it was easy to pick out patterns that helped backtrack with orbs to their runes.

And oh boy, do you need to mark where all the orbs and runes are found because once you turn in an orb you will never know where it was because they disappear.

The purple rune saved me – I kept running into it so I’d mark it on the map each time I saw it, and that helped establish a pattern of where the other orbs/runes were located in relation to the purple rune.

It still took me about 4.5 hours, but it’s done!

Okay, maybe a little more if you count the time I was running around the crypt trying to find the chest because I got lost…

Lucid Nightmare

Lucid Nightmare

It also has a fun /specialmount ability.

Doesn't my DH look great on it?

Doesn’t my DH look great on it?

If you like mounts it’s probably worth the headache and trust me – it’s a big headache!

In other news, I’m up to Prestige 1 level 49, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll find some PvP WQs to do and get that finished for the artifact look.

I don’t know if I want to do any more for the mounts and other stuff, but I guess as long as I have the Rift things that’s one way of getting PvP rewards without actually having to PvP.

Speaking of artifact looks, I stepped in the Mage Tower challenge under the delusion that since I was better geared now than when I first tried it, I’d have a fighting chance.

I didn’t make it past the first guy and was dead in about 3 seconds.  I do believe that was maybe 2 seconds longer than my first attempt so yay me!

Strike that artifact appearance off the list.

I still haven’t figured out a way to get the Mythic Dungeon artifact look without, you know, actually doing Mythic Dungeons…