Happy Holidays and the best for the New Year!

Okay, so I’ve been playing a lot lately.  I’m sort of interested in the BfA sub-races Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei, so according to some data-mined info (subject to change) I need to get exalted with the Argussian Reach and Army of the Light.

I was already exalted with Army of the Light, so I gritted my teeth and went back to Argus.

Apparently Argussian Reach rep is only in Mac’Aree, with a few quests/spillovers in the Zone from Hell, Antoran Wastes.  I’ve also been running the rep mission whenever they pop and that helps a lot.

Yeah.  Antoran Wastes.  It makes the elevator bosses trivial compared with the giant gaping holes and you know I’ve found all of them.

I’ve also been doing all the regular world quests for gold (yay companion with 125 gold/quest!) with the fantasy that I might have enough some day to buy the Army of the Light mount for 500k (like that’s going to happen lol.)

When I run out of quests, I’ve been hitting the Broken Shore for all those quests as now you have to reach the extra exalted thing to get a box instead of just turning in Legionfall War Supplies.

I need the box because it has a chance to drop the Orphaned Felbat and you know…PET so I’ve been grinding those to get the extra exalted.

I’ve also been doing the PvP thing to get Prestige Level 2 to unlock the artifact weapon look.  I’ve even been doing the “scary” ones like the Murlocs and Bareback if I’ve already used my auto quest complete fel thing.  I’ve been killed a couple of times but they’re worth 500 honor or whatever so I’ll take the hit (pun intended lol.)  I think I’m up to Prestige 1 level 45 so I’m getting close!

Yes, I’ve been really busy in WoW but I thought I better get as much done as I can while I’m on holidays because I won’t have much time when I go back to work.

Greatfather Winter must have been feeling sorry for me, because on Christmas day I got exalted with the Argussian Reach AND got the Orphaned Felbat pet in my Legionfall box!

Orphaned Felbat

Orphaned Felbat

Of course I went kind of stupid and bought all the Argussian Reach mounts so that set me back about 2 weeks worth of questing for gold.

Oh well.

Anyone else hit that “A Gently Shaken Gift” bug?  Apparently if you looted it last year, it doesn’t show up this year.

Two “fixes” are to either make a level 1 and level it to 10 (I think you need to be at least level 10 to get the quest) or make a trial character and loot it.

Fortunately I had Alliance and Horde characters that were able to “see” it so I was able to get the quest – and each version of the Hearthstation.  Trust me – you want this toy it’s a riot!

I also love the Toy Weapon Set so my DH can run around with a sword and board!  I got the Horde and Alliance versions so I’m all set in case I want to make a Nightborne next expansion.

Of course that means leveling up my only 100 Horde character to 110 and do all the rep grinding again….so….maybe not lol.

Things I’d like to do yet are get the Nightmare mount if I can find 6 or 7 hours to work through the maze, run some LFR because the doggies drop a mount and I have two Argus pet battles left for the achievement (if those pets ever show up.)

I’m also thinking about what classes to play for the new sub-races – none of them really appeal to me.  I’d like a class that has tanking/healing (because I die so much lol) so that leaves only Monk for Void and Paladin for Lightforged – yeah, my “best” playing classes 😀

If only I could have a Void and/or Lightforged Demon Hunter…I’ve really come to love this class!

Is it just me or would a female Pandaren Demon Hunter be the cutest thing you could imagine?