Since I got the Uuna’s Doll on my second try, I haven’t gone out of my way to run over to Antoran Wastes to pop the rare.

I have had a couple of dailies in the same area, so if I’m there and I see some other players around, I’ll click the alter since most will come running to kill it.

I saw a couple of players so I clicked the alter, the rare pops and everyone comes running.

We killed it pretty fast and you guessed it – I got another Uuna’s Doll.

I asked if anyone wanted it and silence.

I ran my mouse over the players and they were all Horde – every single one – so of course they couldn’t understand me.

Not even a DH so I could ask in Demonic but I don’t think I could have traded to a Horde anyway – or can you if it’s “trade with eligible players?” – so I got myself another Uuna’s Doll.  I guess I can have 3 just like most other pets.

Sorry guys – I tried…

Job Search Update:

Loki hasn’t found a job yet so he’s been working hard on his resume…

Loki Updating his Resume

Loki Updating his Resume

On the bright side, his fur is growing back in on his tummy where he got shaved for his ultrasound, so he should have a nice coat ready for a job interview.