I’ve been slacking off a bit when it comes to pets lately (well, actually just about everything) so while I have some time off for the holidays I thought I should go after the two pets that won’t be on the auction house:  Uuma and Globe Yeti.

Uuma is not a Battle Pet but the Globe Yeti is, and according to some “pet chatter” is quite a powerful battle pet and the expectation is that it will be nerfed soon.

Uuma drops from a “summon” rare (flashback to Isle of Thunder ugh I hated that place lol) so I spent an hour farming mobs until the got the “Call of the Devourer” scroll.

Then you have to run around and pick up three bones but not just any bones – these are “special” bones you can only pick up when you have the scroll. Once you have all the bones you go to the special “mound of dirt” and put them on an alter.

This will summon “The Many-Faced Devourer” rare who drops “Uuma’s Doll” at about a 6% drop rate.

Of course as a rare you can only try once a day, but the good news is once you have the alter you don’t need to do it all over again – just go the spot and click on the alter. You will have to do it all over again for every character though – thanks Blizz!

If you get lucky someone will have summoned it from their alter and you can help kill it and try for the pet.

So…those bones…I looked up the exact co-ordinates for each bone.  I found the first one fairly quickly but omg the other two took forever.

I didn’t know what I was looking for so I had to search for a screen shot of what it looked like.  They don’t “sparkle” or anything – just lie there on the ground well camouflaged in the dirt.

A couple of hours later I had all the bones, so back to the area where the “alter” is supposed to be except there was nothing.

While I was wondering what to do someone ran up and summoned the rare from their “invisible” alter I couldn’t see.

I figured what the heck and helped kill it.

No pet.

Since I had to wait another day to try, I searched around until I finally found a comment that said if you don’t see the alter to log out and log back in.

So the next day when I logged in and ran back to the spot and there was the “alter.”  I clicked on it, killed the rare and got my pet!



All that work and now I never have to go back lol.

Winter Veil started today and the new pet is the Globe Yeti.  It’s another pet like Uuma that can’t be caged, traded or sold (but it can battle) so you have to get this one yourself.

It spawns about every 30 minutes or so in the giant Snow Globes in Ironforge and Orgrimmar.

I found out about this rather late, so I parked myself in Ironforge, made my /tar Globe Yeti macro and set my Interact with Target key from the advice I found searching around for the Globe Yeti.

It took me a few hours and some very sore fingers to snag one.  Only one spawns so you need fast finger action to get it into battle so you can capture it.

Bonus:  It doesn’t show the “Green Paw” like a regular battle pet (it’s a yellow “Neutral) and as soon as it spawns it starts running very fast around the globe – hence the macro and Interact key bind.

There was quite a bit of competition but I suspect it will slow down once all the “pet people” get one.  Since it can’t be sold there won’t be any competition from the AH crowd.

Make sure you have a Turnip or similar pet that won’t “kill” it, only take it down to 1 health.  It’s very low level – anywhere from level 1.  Mine was a level 3 and I don’t know what the max level is so far.

Globe Yeti

Globe Yeti

I’ve been wanting the Uuma pet ever since I heard about it as I’ve always wanted a “permanent” version of the little Draenei orphan from Children’s Week as a companion.

Now I’m “Pet Happy” again!

Speaking of pets…Cat Update!

Loki has been doing fine and is back to his normal routine. As you can see, he’s been working hard looking for a job.

Loki Job Hunting

Loki Job Hunting

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of work out there for the “sleeps all day” skill…