I’ve been so lucky lately it’s almost…suspiciously lucky.

In just a few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to get the Khadgar bubble head and the Fox mount.

The beautiful fox mount!

The beautiful fox mount!

When I went back to the Dreamgrove today on my fox mount I got a “screech.”

Duskwood screech...again

Duskwood screech…again

Something really fishy going on here.

Anyway, I went to Duskwood and THIS time I kept clicking the stupid thing until I got the “buff” that proves I actually clicked it.

Proof I'm not hallucinating

Proof I’m not hallucinating

I also checked my macro and it showed Hinterlands and Duskwood as “True.”

Now I know Blizzard doesn’t accept screen shots as proof of anything, but this is just to prove to myself I’m not dreaming (get it? dreaming in the Dreamgrove? haha!)

So…I’ve been really *lucky* getting all this stuff in such a short time until I figured out what was going on.

You know what’s just around the corner?

Hallow’s End.

And we all know what that means….

I’ve burned out all my luck for the year so I will NEVER, EVER get the HH Mount!!


Blizzard got me again!

Rigging the RNG so I get the bubble head, the fox mount and screech #2 just so they can pull the RNG rug out from under me and set my chance at the HH mount to zero!

Yup, seven years I’ve been trying to get that stupid mount.

You know I’m going to try anyway running all my 110 toons every day until I crumble in a pathetic sad little heap from another year of disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my Khadgar bubble head and beautiful Fox mount.  And the last screech could be just around the corner.

But I still can’t help thinking…

Nice troll Blizzard, nice troll…