So…ummm….in case you missed my reply to a comment yesterday here it is:

Don’t get me started on the fox mount lol! I’ve even been running those flipping withered training scenarios because I heard a rumor the invitation to start the fox quest drops from the box you get at the end.

No missions for it either…I think it doesn’t really exist and it’s Blizzard trolling us. Maybe the ones we see people riding are really Blizzard employees just to fool us 😀

And today…

The Elusive Torn Invitation

The Elusive Torn Invitation


Dropped from the Nightfallen Hoard dailies goody box.

The starter quest to get the Llothien Prowler – the Fox mount!

Maybe I’ve been doing this all wrong.

Maybe I need to *rant* about something to appease the RNG gods instead of sacrificing gnomes.

Worked for the Khadgar Bubble Head and now the Fox Mount quest.

Of course, I’ve been ranting a lot about the Druid artifact appearance quest and so far not one single screech, but I’ll keep working on it.

Anyway, it seems I have to run a bunch of missions to get 4 quest items for the first part, and quest #1 is 12 hours so maybe I’ll have my fox mount by the weekend.

Assuming Blizzard isn’t trolling me and the quest disappears in a server crash or something…

Think I’ll *bang my head on the keyboard* just for luck.