This time it’s with the hidden Feral artifact look “Feather of the Moonspirit.”

You have to wait to get 3 random (RNG of course) “screeches” that lead you to different zones so you can find a randomly (RNG) spawned Owl Stone and click on it.

There is one in Feralas, Duskwood and Hinterlands.  Once you get all 3 (random on random days so you never know if you’ll get one or not) then you will see Ela’lothen, sit beside him in cat form and you will get your appearance.


Oh.  Excuse me.  Too much RNG…

Anyway, I got the first screech for Duskwood (a long time ago) and spent about 30 minutes looking for the stone but I found it and clicked on it.

Fast forward a few more weeks and I get the Feralas screech.

This is where the fun begins.

I ran around Feralas about 5 hours checking all the spawn points with nothing – nothing at all.

While I was running around looking, I was killing the whelps and picking flowers to level up my skinning and herbalism.

I was there so long and killed so many whelps I had the Emerald Whelpling drop.

Yup, that’s how long I was looking for that stupid stone that NEVER spawned.

So…wait wait wait wait until I get another Feralas screech many days later.

I actually found it in about 15 minutes, clicked on it and done.

Today I get the Hinterlands screech, run over to Hinterlands, find the stone, click it and done.

I got back to the Dreamway and….wait for it…no Ela’lothn anywhere.

I check WoWHead and find a few scripts to see if the quest is flagged completed.

This is what I get:

Feralas = False
Duskwood = False
Hinterlands = True


I know flipping well I clicked the Feralas stone and the Duskwood stone.

The best part…

I put in a ticket and all I got was a “canned” response about how the GMs can’t give hints because it gives players an unfair advantage.

I didn’t ask for a hint, I asked about why I was getting False completions when I know I clicked the stupid stone.  I actually clicked it a few times in Feralas because there is no “feedback” that you actually got credit for clicking it.

I even ran the script to make sure it was flagged True and it was.

So now I have to wait all over again for stupid Feralas and Duskwood.

How much do you want to bet that if I click those stones Hinterlands will show as False?

Nice troll Blizzard, nice troll….