Well this is turning out to be a “pet fest” week so far!

Have you seen the new Blizzard Store “Shadow” fox pet?

Yes, it’s charity and that’s nice and all but are you kidding me?  A cute little baby fox pet that changes colors?

Hell YES!



Yeah, I broke down and spent the money.  Of course the next day the Virtual Ticket for Blizzcon is out and I had to spend money on that too since I’ve already booked off that Friday from work.

This year you get a Horde and Alliance mount – Orgrimmar Interceptor and the Stormwind Skychaser.

Blizzcon Alliance Mount

Blizzcon Alliance Mount

I think they are actually really fantastic mounts.  It looks like they are 2-person and the detail is amazing.  Does this mean no murloc pet this year? Yikes I wouldn’t like that at all!

I almost got the goodie bag but I thought I better not – the exchange rate is up a bit but I’m short on cash so no goodie bag for me this year.  It seems to be mostly Overwatch stuff anyway.

My real pet cat Loki was sick and I had to take him to the Vet.  The tests and x-rays ran a little over $475.00 so yeah…I’m short on cash lol.

Fortunately his tests were all normal and he just needed a couple of meds for a few days.  He seems to be doing much better so it was worth the trip.

Back to virtual pets, I saw the Kirin Tor emissary thing was up, so I dragged my DH through the WQs to get the box.

In it was the “Strange Humming Crystal” quest for the Wondrous Wisdomball a.k.a. Khadgar Bubble Head!

Wondrous Wisdomball

Wondrous Wisdomball

I wonder if they upped the drop rate for this recently.  When I was running around Dalaran doing the quest for it there were a few people doing the same quest, and a few around Khadgar with the Wondrous Wisdomball.

Or maybe it’s just a fluke like the year it seemed everyone – except me – got the HH mount.

Oh well.

But I don’t care – I got the Khadgar Bubble Head!  No more flipping Kirin Tor quests!

So all is good in the Pet Department – my real cat is doing better (no, we don’t like to take our pill and have figured out how to eat the food I hid it in and spit out the pill), the Shadow fox pet is rather unique and adorable, and I got the Khadgar Bubble Head!