I think I was so excited to finally get all the DK pets that I completely forgot I only got one of the Druid pets so…no, I didn’t have all the class pets.

I realized my mistake when the pet dropped lol.

Nightmare Lasher

Nightmare Lasher

*Now* I have all the class pets!

I also had something totally amazing happen that I thought would never happen for me.

No, I didn’t get Invincible (*insert crying here*) but I did finally get those stupid DMF Blazing Wings that have been beyond my grasp (read that as skill) since the first day they were out.

So it’s taken me what…2? 3? years to get them?

I don’t care they are finally mine!!!

Lucky Monk gets the Wings!

Lucky Monk gets the Wings!

I wasn’t even trying for the wings since I had given up a long time ago, but my Monk had the most DMF tokens (about 120) so I thought I’d start racking them up for the new mount.

I only did the Wings thing for the tokens, but things were going well so I just kept going and BAM! Achievement and the Wings!

I know this is a lot of Blah Blah Blah for something everyone else got years ago, but hey!  I never said I was the best player so every little achievement is a Big Deal for me 😀

I think I’m going to go put on my wings and run around Dalaran for a while…