Yay 7.3!

My Death Noob racked up that AP fast and got the last pet – Vilebrood Whelpling!

Officially done!

Officially done!

I’ve now got all the class pets – the grind is real lol.

Just in time too now that there are many new pets to catch on Argus. So far every pet I’ve seen has the word “bile” in it.

Speaking of Argus, how are you liking it so far?

I’m still a little burned out on WQ so that part isn’t much fun and as per usual, I get lost and die a lot.

Except my DH – she’s unkillable if I don’t do anything stupid.

Unlike my poor Death Noob who was so busy counting AP points she ran right into Fel Reaver 2.0 – *SQUISH*

I even got my Druid started on Argus. She did surprisingly well and didn’t die once – so far so good!

Maybe my Monk will go next then my Rogue I don’t know. I’m actually in the position this expansion that I’m enjoying so many of my characters I don’t know who to play lol.

That’s a problem I haven’t had in a long time!