I *finally* got the last 520 million AP I needed for that last stupid Concordance point so I ran to the pet guy to purchase Death Noob pet #2 – the Bloodbrood Whelpling.

Imagine my shock and horror when it was “red” and I couldn’t purchase it.

Yeah, I got so excited I forgot to actually to add the one Concordance point…

So one more run down to the artifact forge thingee and the pet was mine!

Yes, I'm out of my mind

Yes, I’m out of my mind

Now I’ve just got to do it all over one more time for the Unholy Vilebrood Whelpling and I’ll be all done!

Hahahahaha! *insert maniacal laughter here*

Blizzard really needs to give us a break on upgrading more than one spec per character.

I’ve never played Unholy but so far so good.  I know I don’t have to play Unholy but I’m afraid I’ll inadvertently add AP while not in Unholy spec, and considering how long and miserable this grind is each AP point is gold.

Unholy is a DPS beast and I don’t even know what I’m doing.  I’m cranking out a couple hundred more DPS than Frost spec just by smashing random keys and rolling my face on the keyboard.

Add a little more DPS when I remember to raise the pet…

I’ll be slowing down on this one because 7.3 is almost here and with it is coming the huge AP nerf.

By the way, if you haven’t or don’t read patch notes the 7.3 Hunter Class changes coming up are well…game changing.  I’d highly suggest reading it even if you don’t play a Hunter.  These are our dollars at work to evolve the game and reach the pinnacle of class development.

Well done Blizzard, well done.

In other news, I got Panda Priest #2 to 110.

One more 110

One more 110

I guess I should dust off my Hunter and get her leveled up before 7.3…