I completely forgot all about my mage for the Trial of Style.

She’s been sitting in old Dalaran for months trying to get the portal to Dalaran crater all alone and forgotten.

Shows how much I play my mage lol.  She’s only 100 and hasn’t even started Legion questing yet – just got her the “wrong” artifact weapon (Arcane – I don’t even play Arcane what was I thinking?) and opened up her class hall.

So…no Fashionable Undershirt for her, but now I have a character for Trial of Style the next time it rolls around.  She’s a cute little Panda mage and I’ve got lots of cloth outfits so it should be fun.

Speaking of “what was I thinking” Riddle Me This:

I have another cute little Panda – a Priest because ya know you can’t have too many Priests – and I got her the Disc staff as her first artifact weapon – don’t ask lol.

I’m still maxing out all the WQ quests that give AP on my Death Noob to get pet #2, so when I run out of WQ or get burned out I go level my Disc Priest for a while.

Leveling Priest #1 as Shadow was painful with a lot of deaths so I figured Disc would be even worse.

It’s been going really well.

Much better than I ever did with Shadow spec.

I can even solo rares.

The Amazing Disc Priest

The Amazing Disc Priest

I don’t even know how to play Disc as DPS so I’m using 5 spells – Shadow Word: Pain, Penance, Smite, the talent Schism and the Artifact weapon’s Light’s Wrath.

My “rotation” is SW:P, Schism, Penance and Smite, reapply SW:P and Schism as required, Penance on CD and Smite until dead.  I’ll throw out the Mindbender and Light’s Wrath if I remember.

Power Word: Solace might be an interesting choice so I might try it.

I think the Discipline Atonement helps a bit keeping me alive as I don’t seem to need the shield as much as I did with Shadow and rarely have to heal myself.

Heck, I was using the shield pretty much on CD in Shadow spec or I’d have a dead priest.  Well, I was a dead priest plenty of times anyway.

It’s also a significantly less “clunky” rotation than Shadow so I actually get to watch what I’m doing instead of watching timers.

I only seem to take a lot of damage because I don’t have an interrupt.  I don’t even have Silence.  I think all I have is Psychic Scream.

I don’t remember if Priests ever had an interrupt and now we don’t have any AoE damage, so you gotta wonder.

Is there any other class that doesn’t have an interrupt in at least one spec?

I upgraded some cloth heirlooms for the experience bonus, and she hit level 102 so I got her the Holy and Shadow artifacts.

I think I’ll keep leveling in Disc for a while.

Of course it could all go south at higher levels but so far so good.

If anyone has leveled in Legion as Disc, I’d love to hear about it!