Oh boy – lots of “win” going on!

First of all I *finally* maxed out the AP for my Frost Death Noob by doing all the quests I had missed in Suramar and all the AP WQ the past few days and *finally* was able to purchase the Frostbrood Whelpling.

What a nightmare to get this baby!

What a nightmare to get this baby!

Now I’ve got to do it all over again for Blood and Unholy. Those will take longer because I can’t “redo” the regular quests for each spec so I’ll be limited to WQ, LFR and Battlegrounds.

Yes, I even tried a battleground. No chance of winning on Alliance so the AP is minimal but desperate times call for desperate measures lol.

I know what you’re thinking – “Hey silly, you don’t need to get all the DK pets” but you’re wrong – of course I do because PETS 😀

In fact I had a brilliant idea since my DH has been using her shard or whatever to insta-complete WQ (mostly the PvP ones because they have the biggest gold reward) she’s up to level 21 so another 29 to reset for Prestige 1, another 50 to get there and bingo! The PvP pet!

Yes! I’m out of my mind!

I’d even run random battlegrounds if Alliance had any hope of winning but I’m not that crazy.

Meanwhile, back at the Trial of Style…

I had a few winners (and plenty of losers) but managed to get enough tokens to purchase all the transmog sets for each armor class.

Third Place – Priest!

Theme "Primal Style"

Theme “Primal Style”

Second Place – Druid!

Yeah, forgot this theme

Yeah, forgot this theme

First Place Winners!

I really have to start noting the themes I think it was "Freestyle"

I really have to start noting the themes I think it was “Freestyle”

A surprising upset!

Theme "Faction Pride"

Theme “Faction Pride”

So I got 3 of the “Undershirts” for my First Place winners but I accidentally clicked off the “Stylish!” winning buff on my DK so be warned – I don’t think you can purchase the undershirt unless you have the “Stylish!” buff, so buy it right away if you win.

I could be wrong but I’d rather not take the chance!

I’ve also heard that some people will “pre-make” outfits for the themes and I tried a few myself, but all the First Place winners I got were outfits I made “on the fly” and were a heck of a lot more fun!

I’d also strongly suggest making sure you are wearing a tabard before queueing – there are a couple of themes where a tabard would be useful like “Faction Pride” and one specific for tabards – “Tabard Time.”  You can always hide it if you don’t need it but again, better safe than sorry!

And no – the people who ignore the themes and parade around female toons in skimpy outfits hardly ever win lol – I beat out a few of them lol.

I hope Blizzard brings this back every month instead of making it a “yearly” holiday type thing – it’s too much fun to have to wait a year!