You might have noticed this week a new scenario is out – the Trial of Style Transmog Competition.

I thought it might be fun so I ran a few characters through it – my Rogue, Death Noob, Warlock and Priest.

Each time you run it there is a random theme picked.  The ones I got were “Champions of the Light”, “Everyday Heroes”, “Make Me Laugh” and “Heroes of Azeroth.”

I lost.

Oh boy did I lose.

I got so many “Consolation” prizes I could open my own “Consolation” shop.

What’s even worse is that I lost one contest to a male NE and one to a male Dwarf.

I gotta admit though – the male NE had an outfit that really did make me laugh.

I figured I had lost enough for one day so I logged onto my Druid to check her plants – no pets.

Since I some time to kill waiting for a mission to finish for my Death Noob’s Breaching the Tomb achiev, I ran her through the Trial of Style and she won Second Place for the “Epic Purple” theme!

That gave me about 25 tokens – not enough to buy anything but hey! Second Place after a long run of Consolation prizes!

It was actually a lot of fun (even when I lost) but I had to get back to the “work” of getting my Death Noob’s class quest/Broken Shore stuff to get the mount quest and grind AP to get the Power Ascended achiev to unlock the pet etc. etc.

I finally made it through most of the stuff and got the Death Knight mount.

Deathlord's Vilebrood Vanquisher

Deathlord’s Vilebrood Vanquisher

I actually really like this mount except for the stupid coffin on the back.

I was thinking we don’t need that we’re Death Knights not Vampires but then I figured out that it isn’t a coffin it’s a storage box for all that flipping AP we have to collect for the pets.

I’m looking at about 520 million more to get that one stupid Concordance point to unlock one pet.

And this was after I did every WQ that gave an AP reward or drop.  Yes, I even did the PvP WQs.

After I had burned out all the WQ, I decided I should take my Druid back to the Trial of Style and see if I could collect enough tokens to purchase the transmog outfit.

The theme this time was “Mismatched Mayhem.”  I just threw together some random stuff and I won First Place.

No one was more surprised than me

No one was more surprised than me



Here’s a better shot of the “winning” outfit:

Ugly for the Win!

Ugly for the Win!

I don’t know if I should be proud of this or just embarrassed lol. Note that I won over the Draenei in the skimpy outfit.

I purchased my leather transmog – Obsidian Prowler’s Garb – which I don’t particularly like but you can only purchase your own armor class and I had to spend the tokens on something.

I also had the “Stylish” 5-day buff for First Place and was able to purchase the Fashionable Undershirt that also gives you a “Stylish” buff.

So out of all my characters, my Druid is leader of the pack when it comes to fashion!

I’ll have to take her out more just to show off her fancy “Stylish” shirt!