I finally maxed out my Monk’s WW artifact weapon all the way up to 1 Concordance and yes, it was slow and painful gathering up the AP.

But I did it and broke all speed records getting to the vendor and purchasing my sweet little Ban-Fu kitten.



I’ve been less-than-enthusiastically working on the Mountacular Achievement because I wanted the Felfire Hawk for my Green Fire Warlock.  I’ve been sitting at 247/250 for a while because nothing has dropped for me.

I finally broke down when I realized my DK Jewelcrafter had all the mats to make 3 of the panthers I don’t have so I robbed all my alts of gold and bought the 3 orbs.

I picked the character with highest mount count to “learn” the mounts because Blizz has some bizarre counting system for the achievement as some mounts are class specific and only count for the characters that use them.

So…I learned all the mounts on a character that had class mounts after checking all the characters and double checking their mount counts, and my mount count went up to 249/250.

*Bangs Head on Keyboard* because 247 + 3 = 249 in Blizzard Math.

Moving on…

My Rogue finished up all the stuff she needed to start the class mount quests.

This involves assassinating a “target” right in the middle of each hostile faction’s capital cities – all four of them.

I wasn’t going to bother because I’m no PvP Hero and I hate PvP.

But it was my birthday so I figured what the heck it would be a nice present for me to get the Raven mount for my Rogue.

First up – Silvermoon City.  I died a few times – not because the guards spotted me – the few times they did I managed to kill them, but because the target’s “guardian” could see stealth and would one-shot me.

A few WowHead comments and some videos said to use Distract or Blind.  Distract didn’t work for me so after a couple of tries I got it first time I used Blind.

Second target, Undercity.  This was really painful because it’s such “tight” spacing it’s hard to “fly” up to where you need to go without getting spotted.  I finally got it after about 4 deaths and very long runs from the graveyard.

Third, Thunder Bluff.  This was stupidly easy.  One always has to be aware of high-level players running around but there was only a level 9 hunter and I think I could take him if he attacked lol.  The guards spotted me once I attacked the target but I managed to kill them and run like hell.

Last but not least, Orgrimmar.  The target is inside the AH – not the AH no one goes to, the other one – the busy one.

I stealthed around there for a while counting all the level 110s and the mass of people in the AH.  I hid in a spot where I could see in the AH and avoid the guards that could see stealth.

I waited for a while to see if the crowd would thin out but I guess I picked a “busy” time because no one was leaving.

I thought I better try again when it’s less busy or maybe really early in the morning.  Then again, I was already there so what could possibly go wrong?

I figured what the hell and sneaked around all the players hanging around the mailbox and maneuvered my way next to my target – the auctioneer.

I attacked as fast as I could and killed her (she has low health points) just before the guards killed me.  I don’t think any players attacked me – I think they were too surprised lol.

Shadowblade's Murderous Omen

Shadowblade’s Murderous Omen

Maybe I’m a PvP Hero after all…

That being done, I logged into my DK and got the Mountacular Achievement. Blizzard Math…go figure.

Felfire Hawk

Felfire Hawk

It’s going to be a long, slow road to get the DK mount and all the pets, so I logged into my Druid and she only had a couple of quests to finish up before getting the mount quest.

This one was worse than the Rogue PvP quests. Same as the Thisalee Crow follower quest, she’s back again to serve you up more insta-death.

Since I knew what was coming, I prepared for it by switching one of my talents to Healer affinity or something to give me a few extra healing spells.

And believe me, I used them.

Got it done with only a couple of deaths for mount #6 – it’s not really a mount, just a travel form. Boo.

Archdruid's Lunarwing Form

Archdruid’s Lunarwing Form

Now all I have left to do for now is work on the DK stuff I need to get the pets.

Maybe before the next expansion…