And 5 more to go.

I picked up the Druid Bloot pet last night from the Grove Vine I planted.

I don’t know if one pet is more “rare” than the other as far as drop rates go so it’s entirely possible I’ll be planting forever trying to get the Nightmare Lasher.

All I got growing this time are berries so boo.

I spent most of the evening running my Monk around WQ to get AP to max out her WW weapon for the achievement so I can get the pet.

I only picked up about 30 million so….yeah…this will also take forever.

Speaking of taking forever, since the DMF is running this week it’s a good time to get my Death Noob out and leveled up as getting all 3 DK pets will take more than forever – more like an eternity.

So I still need the 3 DK pets, the Monk pet and 1 Druid pet.

I know, I know…there are PvP pets but we aren’t going there lol.

A little bit of good luck – my Monk got the hidden Brewmaster artifact look drop from the keg in her brewery, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

RNG smiles on me

RNG smiles on me