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Okay that’s 3 words…

I mean seriously…is it even mathematically possible for Balance to cast spells any slower?  A mob – regular mob, not even an elite – can get me to 50% health while I’m still winding up to cast one spell.

Anyway, I slogged my way through the Druid campaign, fought angry demons on the Broken Shore and stopped Legion invasions wherever they appeared.

I was doing pretty good (I thought.)  In fact, I started doing ever better when my guildie and blogger buddy pointed out that being in Balance form helps even more (yeah, using a regular mount instead of flight form keeps you in Balance form….duh although it doesn’t speed up your casting time.)

I was doing so good in fact, I was expecting a call from Method to see if I could give their Balance Druid a few tips.

Then I started the Thisalee Crow quest chain…

Every time I tried to kill one mob for Attack on the Roost, all of them would come running for an insta-death.

I figured I was missing something so I checked WoWHead and it’s not just me.

What makes this quest extra fun is that the mobs will chase you halfway across Hyjal before they leash.

I know because I ran it.

I eventually got it done after a few sets of 2 minute rez timers and I thought the worst was over.

I was wrong.

The 3 mobs at the end of Let Sleeping Dogs Lie will insta-kill you for another round of 2 minute rez timers even if you stealth in cat form.

Read the comments – it wasn’t just me…

I was getting really, *really* tired of this quest so I just stealthed in, clicked on Goldrinn, let them kill me at a strategic spot, then rez (after 2 minutes, of course) and run out.

It also didn’t help that Thisalee Crow has the most annoying voice and keeps yipping at you the entire duration of the quest chain.

All I can say is, she better be the best flipping follower of all time.

Oh and so far…no Druid Pets…

On the bright side, I got the Monk Class Mount and ran to the pet seller to get Ban-Fu.

And I still can't get the pet

And I still can’t get the pet

I could see the pet in inventory, but I couldn’t buy it because I need the Power Ascended Achievement.


I’m needing about several billion AP to finish that off….

*Bangs Head on Keyboard*



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