Now that my Druid is safe in her class hall tending her garden, it was time to get that Monk working as she apparently needs to get the class mount before the pet becomes available.


Since that involves a whole bunch of stuff including dungeon runs, WQ, rep, etc. I made it to 110 and thought it might be a good idea to get the Concordance rolling on all her specs.

Now after my amazing success with questing in tank specs (read that to mean I don’t die as much) I figured Brewmaster was a no-brainer.

I was wrong.

I was actually surviving better as Windwalker simply because I could kill stuff faster before it killed me – LOLFistsofFury.

After I died about 50 million times at the last tank Concordance quest (yes, I had the full 2-minute rez timer), I tried some WQ as Windwalker and although there were a few I couldn’t do, for the most part it went pretty good.

Yeah, this was painful

Yeah, this was painful

I had the Monkey King as my combat follower and as long as he “froze” mobs at the right time I could kill them really fast.

Unfortunaly, I needed him for a mission so I took Chen along with me.  He’s a “tanky” follower so I thought he might be better than the Monkey King.

He was good, except he likes to run off by himself and aggro mobs – just like a real tank lol.

It took me a couple of tries to get the Windwalker Concordance final quest done – okay, maybe 4 – but after a few attempts I found I could let the follower tank for me while I ran off to heal up without the boss resetting, so I got it done.

Not as bad as tank but still painful

Not as bad as tank but still painful

The worst Concordance quest was the Healer.  I tried the first part to just heal the soldiers and was insta-killed by mobs with a very large aggro range.

DPS spec for the win

DPS spec for the win

I didn’t even bother trying to do it in healing spec.  I did it all as Windwalker (I could heal with Effuse – slow but worked) and switched to Mistweaver for the Concordance “ceremony.”

Next up – run those dungeons and work on the rep.

Other news….

No Druid pets – all I got were a bunch of berries….