I’m enjoying the race change to Night Elf but that didn’t help my really poor Druid playing ability.

I set out to get all the artifact weapons for all specs and then the plan was to level to 105 so I could start the planting for pets.

I tried Feral first – it didn’t go too badly.  You would think all that stealthy pick pocketing experience with my Rogue would help with stealthing around in cat form but no, it did not.

Let’s just say I died a few times but I eventually got the weapon.

Feral - a little painful but I've done worse

Feral – a little painful but I’ve done worse

I decided to try Resto next because I had trouble with my Monk healing spec to get the weapon.

This turned out to be the easiest of the 3 of them.  I was actually starting to believe I could play a Druid.

Easy Peasy!

Easy Peasy!

And then I went for the Balance weapon and it all came crashing down.

OMG I couldn’t get down the stairs without dying every 2 steps.  I could kill one mob at a time but they seemed to know I was a Druid Noob and the entire mob population came running to take turns one-shotting me.

By the time I got to the spirits (30 minutes later) I didn’t even bother trying to figure out how to get by them – I made a run for it.

Die a few more times until I get to the final boss.  At least that didn’t go too badly as I only died once and by the time I got back he was dead.

Yikes this was a tough one

Yikes this was a tough one

I like this weapon best of all for looks, but Holy Doodles, Batman! I sure can’t play Balance to use it!

On the bright side, I went out questing sometimes as Bear, sometimes Cat and even a few times as Balance just because I like to torture myself.

As it turns out, I randomly picked a follower that tanked for me. After that, Balance was actually working pretty good as long as the follower kept mobs away from me.

I haven’t figured it out yet.  I’m using Icy Veins “Easy Mode” for all specs so I haven’t done any “in depth” study to figure out how Balance works.

I did make it to level 105, got the class hall thing so I can plant for pets.

We’ll see what I get in 3 days…

Other news…

I would take a break from Druid and work on leveling my Monk (she needs to be 110 and a whole bunch of other stuff to get the pet.)  I got her all the way up to level 109 1/2 – hopefully I’ll finish up this week.

Who knows?

Maybe I’ll even get that Druid up to level 110.