I have absolutely zero training, education and/or experience in anything remotely connected to psychology (except a Psych 100 class I took as an elective 2 or 3 hundred years ago) so make no mistake – everything I say is pure baloney and based on absolutely nothing.

You would need to talk with a real psychologist with education, training and most important of all – a licence – for anything connected to real and virtual world issues.

Okay, that being said, I was thinking last night (yes, I know lol) about why Druids are so far down on my list of classes I want to play.

I’ve always loved animals – especially cats and dogs – and what are Druids but animal shape-shifters?

So theoretically, it would be a no-brainer that I would embrace the Druid class perhaps to the exclusion of all other classes because Druids can do it all – tank, melee dps, range dps and heal.

Something for everyone in one character.

And yet I just can’t seem to make it work.

Perhaps it isn’t the class itself, it might be the game play.  I gave Balance a fair shake a few years ago and I just didn’t like the mechanics of it with the lunar/solar thing.  I also don’t like the Boomkin form because it’s kind of ugly.

Cat looks awesome but was out because I really stink at melee classes (I’m looking at you, Warrior and Paladin!)

And of course Bear/Tree are best used in group content.  Bear is okay for solo content like any tank – it just takes forever to kill stuff lol but solo content as a healer is even slower and more painful.

Even though I was waffling with Druids a few years ago I think the introduction of transmog might have killed it for me.

Although the animal forms are cool, you just can’t see that awesome transmog unless you use the glyph thing.

Popping in and out of form I also found mildly annoying.

Are these enough reasons for me to avoid Druids like the plague?

I don’t know because I’m not a psychologist (see *Disclaimer*.)

One factor that might be the Druid killer for me are the actual races that can play Druid.

On the Horde side I had a Troll Druid and I don’t like Trolls very much.  Maybe if I could have a pretty Blood Elf Druid things would be different.

On the Alliance side my level 100 Druid is Worgen, and although I love the Worgen story and starter zone, the models (especially the female) are really ugly with that nasty snarl thing plastered on their faces and constant sniffling.

So…maybe it isn’t Druids after all I don’t like but the races that can be Druid.

I caught myself thinking about race changing my Druid from Worgen to Night Elf while going through the “starter” quests the other night – yup, I was considering spending real money because of my negative feelings towards the Worgen models.

But before I do that, I have to think about whether or not I’d actually be playing my Druid or if she’ll once again be forgotten after I get the Druid pets.

I don’t know.

I might never know.

What I do know, is that I finally got my Rogue Campaign done.

All finished! For now...

All finished! For now…

Yes you get the artifact look and some other stuff but the most important thing….




It took a lot of running back and forth between Dalaran and the Broken Isles to finish off the quests I needed to open up the quest that led to Crackers, but I got it done in record time.

I actually enjoy playing my Rogue this expansion.

Who knows?

Maybe I’ll learn to love my Druid…