Ah, my poor Druid.

I’ve tried Balance, Feral, even Resto and now Bear.

I’m horrible at all of them.

I had got my poor Druid all the way up to Khadgar moving Dalaran.  She was in Balance spec and I had picked her up a nice pre-event Intellect staff.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to also pick her up an Agility weapon.

No problem – I searched through her bank and found a lovely Agility staff – level 30.  The only other weapons she had were Heirlooms, all level 90.

No problem – I can pick up a cheap green weapon from the AH because I only need it long enough to get either a Feral or Bear Artifact weapon.

Big problem – highest level cheap green weapon was about level 50.  Anything close to level 100 was blue quality starting at 5,000 gold.

No problem – I can buy the Heirloom upgrade and upgrade a 90 weapon to 100.

Heirloom upgrades for a weapon just happen to be 5,000 gold.

*bangs head on keyboard*

I bit the bullet and spent the 5,000 gold to upgrade an Agility Heirloom on the theory that someday I might use it if I level another Agility character as opposed to vendoring a 5,000 gold blue weapon.

On advice from my blogging buddy, I went Feral – set up my keybinds, talents, etc. and off I went to start the Artifact questline.

I was killed by a flower.

Okay I can see how this is going to go so we are going Bear.

I made it through the scenario (only died once) and got my Artifact.

Hard to believe I made it

Hard to believe I made it

Now I just have to make through to 102 and I’ll pick up the Feral, Balance and maybe Resto weapon.  You know, just in case…

Why am I doing this again?

Oh yeah….PETS!