What I won’t do?

Not much.

I haven’t even looked up all the class hall pets yet, but Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu is kind of a no-brainer for a cat lover so…

I dragged my long-neglected Monk out of her garrison where she spent most of WoD doing nothing, and set out to do whatever she needs to do for that pet.

Now, she did have maxed-out Leatherworking and I see I had switched her skinning to Engineering at some point.

Since her Engineering was low and isn’t much use this expansion (that I’ve seen yet) I switched her back to skinning because I can actually make some low-level crafted gear that might be useful as I seem to be playing more leather-wearing toons this expansion.

I even managed to sell a leather “set” at the AH because “tis the Season to run Alts now.”

I finished up the “introductory” quests and got her to the class hall – the wandering turtle “starter” zone.

Now, keep in mind I’ve only played Windwalker – very badly.

Knowing how tough it can be for some classes (see squishy Priest and Warlock) I decided to take advantage of the tank spec and get the Brewmaster Artifact weapon first to make my life easier.

No problem, except I didn’t have a two-handed staff.

No problem again – buy one from the Quartermaster vendor at the class hall.

Big problem – can’t find the Quartermaster.  Ran around the zone for 30 minutes while trying to find out who/where it is.  Try looking it up.  All I found was a forum post that said the Quartermaster was in front of the tavern.


Look on the map and tell me which one is the tavern….

Eventually after a lot of digging I found a reference that named the Quartermaster and there she was – standing outside the first building on the right after leaving the temple.

*bangs head on keyboard*

Ok, no problem – just buy the stupid staff and get out of there.

Another problem – she won’t sell you the weapons until you already have an artifact weapon.

*bangs head on keyboard*

So….back to Dalaran and dig through my bank until I found a 600-something level blue two-handed staff appropriately named “Brewmaster” something or other.

Ok, now we’re cooking with fire.



This was a good theory that worked – I managed to get to level 102 quite easily as Brewmaster (interpret that to mean I didn’t die as much.)

I already had the DPS weapons, so I got the Windwalker artifact next.



Last but not least, Mistweaver.

This took a little work since I had nothing at all set up for Mistweaver.

I was able to buy the staff from the vendor (yeah now that I had an Artifact weapon) and thought I better spend a bit of time learning Mistweaver (thank you Icy-Veins “Easy Mode!”) and most important, setting up VuhDo.

This artifact scenario was actually a little challenging for someone who has never healed with Mistweaver.

I made it through (thankfully the NPCs don’t actually “die,” just stop dpsing until I healed them up.)



Now I’ve got all the Artifact weapons for each spec, I can level as Brewmaster/Windwalker and maybe heal some LFR with Mistweaver (yeah right lol.)

Yup, the stuff I put myself through for a pet….