DH Pepe!

DH Pepe!

I had completely forgotten about the “A Tiny Set of Warglaives” for purchase in the DH class hall.

I think you need an Achiev or something to make it available not to mention about 10k resources to buy it but…

It’s Demon Hunter Pepe!!

It’s also a Toy that any of your characters can use (tested on my Rogue) that lasts for an hour with a 1 minute cd so it’s almost a perma-Pepe!

So if you’re feeling sad and frustrated (like me this weekend lol) nothing cheers you up more than having Demon Hunter Pepe sitting on your head while you kill demons!

Other (sort of) good news…

My rogue got her first legendary from the World Boss – “Mantle of the Master Assassin.”

Is it any good?  Who knows but I equipped it anyway since her ilvl is only around 850.

Anyway, with the Boon of the Zookeeper enchant (and DH Pepe!) how could you go wrong?