Okay Rogues, listen up.

Before we talk about this, I’m almost 100% certain no one from Blizzard reads this blog so I feel safe discussing this here.

I’m counting on my fellow Rogues to keep their mouths shut and not blabber this all over the internet because you know someone from Blizzard will notice and then it will be all over.

So “stealthy stealthy sneaky sneaky SI-7” and all that Rogue honor stuff.

Here we go:

Pickpocket is a gold mine in Legion – I can make 4,999 gold a day (sometimes double that) turning in 10,000 Coins of Air just doing the WQs because Coins of Air drop like candy.

Just about everyone has a pocket to pick – naga, demons – even mobs that don’t wear pants have pockets.

Now I don’t have any hard data on this, it’s just from my own observations, but it appears that quest “bosses” drop tons of coins.  I got 600 from one boss.  It seems the bigger the mob, the more coins it drops.

On the downside, most Elites don’t seem to have any pockets to pick but it’s always worth a shot to try.

The other downside is that in some of the “busy” WQ areas, I don’t get an opportunity to pick pockets because of players killing mobs faster than I can pickpocket (yes, I have a macro.)

So what’s the worry?

It’s too much easy gold.  It’s a nerf waiting to happen.

You know Blizzard is going to notice and nerf the 10,000 Coins of Air turn-in from 4,999 gold to 5 gold.

So keep your mouths shut, keep Stealthy, and Happy Pickpocketing 😀