Maybe a little better?

I saw the Dreamweavers emissary box was up, so checked all the toons that could do it (4) and started with DH #1.

Well, no unicorn mount but I did get this from the box: this a better one?

So…is this a better one?

It’s not listed on Icy-Veins BiS – not even in the lowest “Decent” list lol. However, it might not be as worthless as the belt.

At least that’s my theory 😀

It could be fun – every 30 seconds I get an absorb shield for 30 seconds. Might not be useful for raiding but it could be extremely useful for some of the bigger WQ bosses.

No other interesting drops for my other characters except my Rogue – I took her to the purple World Boss and you know what she got? The exact same gloves she had on.

Bonus Roll? Artifact power….

On the bright side, my Rogue did really well rocking the 830 gear, so I think I’m going to take her out more for WQ and pickpocketing fun.

I took my Priest only for the Dreamweavers but it took forever because she’s way too squishy.  One mob can drop her to 50% health (yes, even using the bubble on cd) so I had to hang around even longer and hope I could “tag along” with another Alli doing the WQ.

I didn’t even bother taking my Warlock since she’s about the the same ilvl as my Priest and it was getting late.

Oh, and while I was standing around with my DH #1 wondering if my shiny new legendary was any good, someone was riding around on the Unicorn mount…