I picked up Demon Hunter #2 (she’s got maxed out Skinning and about 76 in Leatherworking) and ran her around some quests until she hit 110.

Of COURSE I need two DH's...

Of COURSE I need two DH’s…

I do have a slightly ulterior motive for leveling up another DH – it’s one more chance at the Khadgar Bubblehead pet from the Kirin Tor Emissary boxes.

I must have it.

It’s also pretty tough job for my extremely squishy Priest and Warlock – they die all the time trying to get “regular” WQ so they only come out now for the Kirin Tor.

It also makes gearing them up almost impossible unless I start running dungeons.  None of them can get into any LFR yet.

My Rogue is a little less squishy with the Stealth ability, but she can be killed easily in the “right” circumstances (e.g. more than 2 mobs on her – regular mobs, not elites) even when I remember poisons.

I managed to get my Rogue enough Nethershard gear for her to hit about 830.  I’d like to get a Priest into LFR just so I can do some Holy healing for fun but no idea how to get gear for it yet.

So…my Demon Hunters are the go-to characters for WQ, world bosses, and anything else that would kill my other characters in seconds.

Anyway, I just love Demon Hunters 😀