Ok…so I finally was able to kill Deathwalker for the Havoc hidden artifact and it’s well…kind of ugly.

Next time check what it looks like...

Next time check what it looks like…

Just for comparison, here’s the Vengeance hidden version. I actually like this one so I’ve been running around with it.

Pretty snappy

Pretty snappy

I really like some of the other skins for Vengeance and Havoc but getting those involves PvP/Mythic stuff so…not going to happen.

Heck, I looked at what you have to do to unlock the colors of what I’ve got and that probably won’t happen either.

Anyway, not to be discouraged, I spent some time this weekend getting the Artifact fishing pole since my DH doesn’t have the Kalu’ak version.

Yup, this is pretty ugly too

Yup, this is pretty ugly too

Then I found out to get AP for it, you need to fish more.

That’s okay – I won’t be running Mythics to get the colors/appearances for my weapons any time soon….