Well, surprising for me.

I thought either my Priest or DK would be up next, but it turned out to be my Rogue.

Rogue hits 110

Rogue hits 110

I was casually leveling her once in a while just because she could open lock boxes at 110. As I only had 4 lock boxes there wasn’t any hurry.

But leveling seemed to be going very well (flying makes a huge difference) and I hit 110 just starting my third zone.

Of course, you know what happens the minute you hit 110 – Khadgar starts yipping at you every time you turn around.

Leave me alone, Khadgar!

Leave me alone, Khadgar!

Seriously, no matter where you try to hide the guy gets right in your face.

Really, Khadgar?

Really, Khadgar?

Don’t get me wrong – I love Khadgar. Well, the Warcraft movie Khadgar. The actor who played him (Ben Schnetzer) did such a great job in my opinion – I loved how he portrayed the “young” Khadgar. I’m kicking myself for not getting a Khadgar movie poster. Yes, I’d put it up at work in my space 😀

Instead of the adorable movie Khadgar, we get the cranky old game Khadgar who can’t go to the bathroom by himself without enlisting champions.

But I digress.

I would like to get my Rogue her class mount – a raven is a no-brainer – so I might try to get her some gear and see if I can make it through Suramar.

She looks great but she's squishy

She looks great but she’s squishy

And just for the record, I got 2 more Hateful Eyes.  That makes 5 I can’t trade or sell.  I’m keeping them just in case Blizzard decides to make them tradeable like some of the other pets.

You just never know…

Update:  Forgot to mention the most important news of all – I’m sure I did 2 levels (maybe more) without any poisons on my weapons.  I should also mention I have 2 addons to track poisons.

In my defence they only count down poisons and don’t actually pop a giant notice on your screen that says “Hey stupid put some poisons on your weapons.”

Yup – still an idiot 😀