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Headache #1:  I wanted to finish up flying.

All I had left to do was get Revered with the Legion guys.

I was about 300 rep short and burned out all the dailies – boo.

But wait!  I had a dungeon quest to kill some end boss for about 1k rep – yay!

I queued for the dungeon (after reading the dungeon guide) and everything went fine until I died at the second last boss.  While I was running back, the group engaged the final boss and I got locked out.

Yup.  No quest credit.  Heroic dungeon so can’t re-queue.

Bang head on keyboard.  /ragequit

Honestly, I can’t remember what I did for that last rep (Intolerable Infestation looks like) but I got it and flying!

Yay Flying!

Yay Flying!

Headache #2: Chromie Pets

Who doesn’t want a mini-Bronze Dragon and mini-Time-Lost Proto-Drake as pets?

It’s no secret I’m terrible with timed events (big surprise lol) so in-between flying rep rages I “farmed” the Chromie Scenario for the pets.

Of course I never got anything in the drop except gold (when the treasure box option rarely showed up) so after a couple of hours I took a break and found them on the AH.

Yup. Wasted a couple of hours when I should have checked the AH first.

Bang head on keyboard.

Headache #3:  Class Quest

Okay – got flying, got the pets, what’s next?

Why, the Class Mount of course!

And how do we get that?

By doing a whole bunch of quests in Suramar for the “Insurrection” achiev to pop a quest I needed.  Of course this was after I was celebrating never having to go to Suramar again and of course I didn’t have any completed…

Bang head on keyboard.

Took me most of Friday night and Saturday morning (and tons of coffee) but I got it done and finished up my Class Mount on Sunday.

Not very pretty but what the heck

Not very pretty but what the heck

Flying – check
Chromie pets – check
Class mount – check

My head has stopped hurting so…what’s next?

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