Pet I didn’t even know about.

I’ve been doing the Twisting Nether boss in my Garrison….errr…I mean Class Hall every once in a while if I think of it and the boss is already up.

I never bothered to see if they drop anything interesting  – I guessed it would be some gear now obsolete.  I was full up on the Soul Flame things and just kept vendoring them.

So imagine my happy surprise when I got more boring Soul Flames and a PET!!! – The Hateful Eye!

Hateful Eye Pet!

Hateful Eye Pet!

I thought I better check to see what else could drop and low and behold, there’s a Bulwark of the Iron Warden that unlocks an artifact appearance for Vengeance DHs.

Guess I’ll be checking more regularly now….

Meanwhile, back at the Broken Shore….

Running around doing stuff for miserable teeny amounts of rep including those beacon things to pop some portals. It’s kind of annoying without flying because people who have flying get there and kill everything long before I can so there is a lot of waiting around for respawns.

I’m 81.5% done for Legionfall Commander so I’m getting there. At least I have a shiny new PET to keep me company!