Finally got the Patherfinder Part 1 Achievement after a week or two of jumping through Suramar hoops for the Nightfallen.

Eat my Shorts, Nightfallen!

Eat my Shorts, Nightfallen!

The big hold up for me was the “Good Suramaritan” Achievement – I needed 20000/21000 rep before I could get “A Change of Seasons” start quests to show up.

Fortunately, I’m a little better geared on my Demon Hunter than I was before, so I could take on 2 – 4 of the Suramar city elites at a time which made it go a lot faster.

As I was pushing to get this done, I didn’t always read the quest text thoroughly, but is this true? All that headache and months of dailies for the Nightfallen and the solution to their problem is a bunch of fruit in the same room they been hanging out the entire time? Blizz be trolling us lol.

Anyway, I think I already have everything for Pathfinder Part 2 except the rep grind for the “Legionfall Commander” achievement.  According to WowHead, I’m 64% done – not quite halfway into Honored.

At 75 rep/quest yeah…this will take a while but at least I’m finished with Suramar!

I had a good laugh after I reached Exalted with the Nightfallen – a pop up informed me I could keep going with rep to earn rewards. Nah, I think the best reward I’ve earned is never going back to Suramar City again!

See you at the Broken Shore!