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I thought instead of spending a few hours running Zul’Gurub, I should bite the bullet and finish up my DH class quest.

I was pleasantly surprised that it only took 2 normal dungeons to get all the quest “fuel” and even more surprising the dungeons went very smoothly.  The first dungeon I had done before (Netharion’s Lair) and I guess I was the best geared toon because I was top deeps most of the time.

The second dungeon – Halls of Valor – I hadn’t done yet and this time I was the worst deeps.  Other toons were pulling over 150k and I was less than the healer…again lol.

But that’s okay – the dungeon went really fast and I was just there for the quest items.

So finally, after jumping through a few more quest hoops:



And of course the “Epic Pose” photo op:

Looking good!

Looking good!

One more step closer to flying. I have to head back to Suramar to finish up the Good Suramarian and then figure out what else I’m missing.

I think I’ll get the addon that tracks what you need to do. Once I unlock flying I’ll get at least my Warlock and Priest up to speed.

Until then, Zul’Gurub runs for everyone!

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