Okay, so I had a little setback – went for surgery Jan 2 and to make a really long story short, I was in the hospital Jan 2 to Mar 15.

Yup, you read that right – 2 1/2 months in the hospital with the most horrid, frightening food ever seen on planet Earth.  I still have nightmares about “Shepherd’s pie”…

Anyway, I’m doing fine, went back to work this week and thanks to some great friends who looked after my cats and gave me support (even at long distances) things are looking up.

Of course I’m so far behind in WoW that it isn’t even funny.  Still have to do those dungeons for the class quest and do something at the Broken Shore.

So…naturally what I’m doing is running all my toons through Zul’Gurub for the raptor mount that keeps eluding me.

I haven’t even run one LFR yet.

In my defense, I couldn’t sit at the computer very long until about last week, but now I think I can get back in the game.

I did finally get my Priest to 110 with the help of the Darkmoon Faire ride and a few hats, so that’s 3 level 110s not doing very much.

Still love that Demon Hunter even if I’m just riding around in circles in Dalaran 😀

Priest makes it to 110

Priest makes it to 110