I just got a notice from WordPress that it’s my 9 year anniversary.

Yup – blogging for 9 years and still an idiot.


Oh well…moving on…

I haven’t been doing much in WoW lately.  I’ve kind of given up getting “phase 1” for flying.

I hate Suramar.  Sure, it’s a beautiful city.  Yes, the detail is amazing and the architecture is stunning.

But you know Blizz…we can’t just enjoy probably the best damn city every created for a game.

No.  We have to wear a disguise and sneak around like idiots (I know, I know… I’m a natural lol) trying to avoid the elites that can see through our disguises.

It’s not fun, it’s just annoying.  My Vengeance DH can just slice her way through the regular mobs and forget the disguise, but a couple of the elites can kill her pretty quick.

And Elune help you if you die – I can’t find my around that stupid place while I’m alive, never mind dead.  I usually end up taking the rez sickness hit, hearthing back to Dalaran and logging off because I /ragequit.

I’ve only got 3 stories done for the Good Sumarian achiev or whatever it is for the phase 1 flying so I’m losing interest fast.

I haven’t even run the dungeons I need to finish the class quest because I won’t get flying anyway because of Suramar.

I’ve been doing a few world quests and since most reward about 75 rep each, I’ve been having Wintersaber grind flashbacks.

I did score two pieces of sweet gear from one of those purple world bosses – one loot and one on a bonus roll – so once in a while I get lucky!