Finally got my poor Druid to 100 (yay!) so I rushed her back to Stormwind bank to open the 90-something chests I’ve been saving from Invasions.

I didn’t keep an exact count, but here are the highlights:

4 pieces of 720 Warforged gear – helm, 2 x gloves and PANTS!!
5 pieces of 710 Warforged gear –  2 x shoulders, vest and 2 x bindings
7 weapons – same one-handed axe weapon
6 shards – upgraded the weapon to 725 with one left over.

I ended up with about 1900 Nethershards, so after buying the cloak, both rings, necklaces and trinkets (yeah I got the intellect and agility just in case lol) I still had enough shards left to purchase 7 Felbat Pups to give away to guildies.

So my least-played toon is now my best-geared toon – go figure lol.

Overall, a pretty good haul, so get those alts out there and level up!

Now that my Druid is done, I took my Warrior back out to a couple of Invasions because he still needed shoes, a hat and a weapon.

I think it was my third Invasion that he got his hat and shoes, so all he needs now is a weapon.  Since I’ve been lucky, I think I’ll take my Monk out to get her some gear.

Just as I was returning my Warrior to Stormwind to log out for the night, he landed right in the middle of a Doomsayer battle.  I got a couple of hits in and the Pocket Fel Spreader toy dropped.

I had managed to get in a couple of Doomsayer kills but no toy every dropped just shards, so I figured what the heck and a couple of days ago just bought the cheapest one I could find on the AH.