With more invasions turning up after the Tuesday maintenance, I chain-ran my Druid through all the way up to Level 96 before I got Invasion Overload.

I got the latest quest done on most of my “finished” 100s, until I realized that some of them aren’t really “finished” because they are missing a few weapon upgrades.

But do they really need them?

Depends on how tired of Invasions I get and believe me, I’m getting pretty tired.

So of course I decided to get my last two 100s into some 700 gear – my Warrior and Monk.

Only got my Warrior through a few before I completely burned out, and since my Druid is sooo close to 100 I might just forget the Monk because I don’t play her much anyway.

Or more likely, I’ll panic about it at the last minute and get her some gear.

I’m really disappointed with the new pre-Legion quest – come on, Khadgar!  After all we’ve been through the least you could do is cough up an off-hand!