Okay – I have ONE Alliance Druid, a Worgen I started waaaay back in Cataclysm.  You would think with not one, not two, not three but FOUR – count them – FOUR specs I’d find something I’d like playing.

But I just couldn’t get find the spec I felt comfortable with so my poor Druid has been sitting neglected and forgotten stuck at about level 72.

I actually got a Horde Troll Druid up to level 80 or 85 that I used to like playing, but I don’t know.  I think it’s a combination of a few things: I really don’t like the female Worgen model; not one Druid play style I like, and the constant Worgen sniffling that makes me want to log off.

But it’s Invasion time!

So I dragged my poor Druid out for the Invasion Circuit and got her up to about level 80.

I’ve been saving the chests and so far have about 34 in the bank.  Surely I’ll get a full set of 700 gear from those!  Or not…RNG ya know…

Anyway, I was running around Invasions trying not to die too fast (an exercise in futility) when a guildie who was also leveling baby alts, gave me a tip about using Sunfire and Starsurge to tag Demons and get maximum experience.

Hmmmm….I thought.  Interesting.

What are these Sunfire and Starsurge Spells?

I looked in my spellbook and sure enough.  Here were a bunch of spells I got as I leveled up but completely forgot about.

I remember thinking at some point that I really don’t get the new Balance mechanic as the two spells on my bars I was using – Moonfire and Solar Wrath – didn’t seem to do much.

I also noticed that I had Typhoon – very handy for those moments I Sunfired a couple of elite demons without noticing there were no level 100s around to save my sorry behind.

I starting racking up experience and got to level 86 after about 3 Invasions.

I might get this Druid to level 100 yet now that I have more than two spells…