Yes, now the Invasion drops have a chance to be warforged increasing the item ilvl to 710!

I’m still running my DH through Invasions because she need about a million (or so) shards to upgrade her warglaives.

Yikes!  DH and any dual wielders have to cough up 300 shards a pop to upgrade both weapons, so you might as well have a shot at warforged gear while you’re at it.

More RNG Fun News….

I’ve been running my Death Noob through Invasions with a Frost spec selected to get a couple of one-handed weapons in case Frost is better for questing in Legion (and the Frostmourne-like artifact weapon of course!)

So far I’ve got one axe.

My DH, on the other hand (again, pun intended) has picked up several one-handed weapons.

Only the warglaives are BoA, all other gear and weapons are soulbound so nice going, Blizz!

Remember the good old days when you could send Timeless Isle gear to all your alts?  Yeah, I miss that…

I finally got Priest #2 all decked out in Invasion gear.  She had an off-hand in her bank so I can use the Invasion one-handed weapons.

I would have preferred the Mace like Priest #1 (more transmog options) but all she’s picked up so far are wands so I figured what the heck.

You know that as soon as I upgrade the wand a mace will drop…

I also ran my Horde Priest through the first part of the pre-Legion questline and omg!  I haven’t played this toon for a long time!

She’s level 100 but yikes her ilvl is really low and she died at the first part of the quest chain where you have to dual an NPC.

Yes, you read that right.  I probably won’t be taking her through Legion for a while anyway.  I just wanted to see the Horde side of the story.

I might be slowing down the Invasion stuff now except for my DH.  I’ve been really loving the DH so I think I might read up on how to play it and give it a shot.

Well, at least I will if I can figure out how not to Fel Rush into the fire…